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Playing Tips

A resource for all playing tip related information on Pickleball. Drills, shot training and more. From how to play pickleball to what are the most important pickleball shots.


what is dinking in pickleball

What Is Dinking In Pickleball?

TLDR: This article discusses what is dinking in pickleball. Dinking involves hitting the ball softly and lightly over the net, with the aim of making it harder for opponents to return the ball. Dinking helps keep opponents off-balance, control the court, and develop finesse and hand-eye coordination. Dinking is not difficult to do with the… Read More »What Is Dinking In Pickleball?

Guide to pickleball strategies

Pickleball Strategies – Master The Mind Games

TLDR: This blog post discusses strategies for playing Pickleball. The post covers essential pickleball strategies for players of different skill levels, including serving strategies and for doubles play. It emphasizes the importance of developing an all-around game, including net play, volleying skills, and mental focus. A balanced approach that combines aggression and control is key… Read More »Pickleball Strategies – Master The Mind Games

A guide to the best pickleball exercises

7 Pickleball Exercises to Improve Your Game

TLDR: The post outlines the benefits of exercise and practice for improving pickleball skills and preventing injury. It provides 7 pickleball exercises to take your game to the next level, including warm-up stretches, plyometric skips, single-leg squats, plyometric lunges, core work, cardio workouts, and cool-down stretches. The post also recommends incorporating balance exercises and provides… Read More »7 Pickleball Exercises to Improve Your Game

Pickleball Tips For Beginners

10 best pickleball tips for beginners

TL;DR: This article provides 10 tips for beginners to play pickleball, a fast-growing sport that offers great physical activity and socialisation. The article first emphasises the benefits of pickleball before highlighting the importance of choosing the right equipment, such as a light and appropriately-sized paddle, consistent pickleballs, and supportive court shoes. It then offers strategic… Read More »10 best pickleball tips for beginners

Pickleball etiquette guide

A Guide To Good Pickleball Etiquette

TL;DR: This article offers tips on proper pickleball etiquette while playing this fast-growing racquet sport. It highlights the significance of observing basic court courtesy, maintaining good sportsmanship, and observing opponent behavior. It also outlines spectator etiquette and gives examples of bad behaviour that disrupts the game. NB: We have a great guide on how to… Read More »A Guide To Good Pickleball Etiquette

Pickleball Footwork drills

Importance of footwork in Pickleball

TL;DR: In pickleball, footwork is very important and can affect speed, accuracy, power, and agility. Common pickleball footwork mistakes include not moving feet correctly, not moving quickly, not positioning feet correctly when hitting, and not changing direction quickly. Improving footwork can help players move quickly and accurately around the court and set up pickleball shots… Read More »Importance of footwork in Pickleball