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David Mason

Playing racquet sports (badly) since 1994. Fan of pickleball and all things physical fitness related. Work in tech but write here at Pickleballers and Barbells Abroad. Certified SAQ trainer and exercise aficionado.

what is dinking in pickleball

What Is Dinking In Pickleball?

TLDR: This article discusses what is dinking in pickleball. Dinking involves hitting the ball softly and lightly over the net, with the aim of making it harder for opponents to return the ball. Dinking helps keep opponents off-balance, control the court, and develop finesse and hand-eye coordination. Dinking is not difficult to do with the… Read More »What Is Dinking In Pickleball?

pickleball paddle buying guide

Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

TLDR: This pickleball paddle buying guide provides information on how to choose the right pickleball paddle, including different materials, weights, sizes, and prices. There are three main types of paddles: graphite, composite, and wood. Each has its own unique qualities and is suited to different playing styles. It’s important to consider your skill level, preferences,… Read More »Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

Guide to pickleball strategies

Pickleball Strategies – Master The Mind Games

TLDR: This blog post discusses strategies for playing Pickleball. The post covers essential pickleball strategies for players of different skill levels, including serving strategies and for doubles play. It emphasizes the importance of developing an all-around game, including net play, volleying skills, and mental focus. A balanced approach that combines aggression and control is key… Read More »Pickleball Strategies – Master The Mind Games

A guide to the best pickleball exercises

7 Pickleball Exercises to Improve Your Game

TLDR: The post outlines the benefits of exercise and practice for improving pickleball skills and preventing injury. It provides 7 pickleball exercises to take your game to the next level, including warm-up stretches, plyometric skips, single-leg squats, plyometric lunges, core work, cardio workouts, and cool-down stretches. The post also recommends incorporating balance exercises and provides… Read More »7 Pickleball Exercises to Improve Your Game