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About Pickleballers

Our Story

A couple of 40-somethings decided that maybe we could still make the Olympics if only we could discover a sport that we had a chance of being good at at this age. Then we discovered the game of pickleball.

Now, what we’ve discovered is that there are people who are understandably leagues ahead of us in skill and as new as the sport seemed to us, it’s still pretty mature. So, we think our dreams of Olympic stardom may have to wait until shuffleboard enters the games in our 70th years. Still, we are having fun playing and feeling discreetly trendy once more.

This is our attempt to stay involved in some small way in what we think, will be a future Olympic sport – Pickleball.

Our Aims

From creating a fearsome team to a fun team, our goal at Pickleballers is simply to be regarded as a useful place to go online, in the UK and beyond, if you want to learn more about the sport of pickleball. If we have helped you, then we have met our goals.

Longer term? Who knows, maybe you’ll see us playing in a USAPA Pickleball Tournament one day.

Featured Publications

When we aren’t playing pickleball or learning about the sport, you can find that our passion for fitness and sports extends to our other work. From healthy eating to fitness when travelling